Descendants of Charles Valee

Generation No. 1

1. CHARLES 1 VALEE was born 1584 in St. Saens,Dist. of Rouen, France, and died January 27, 1657/58 in St. Seans, Dist. of Rouens, France. He married JEHANNE E LIE December 25, 1616 in St. Laurent, France.

Child of C HARLES VALEE and JEHANNE ELIE is:  2. PIERRE2 LA VALLEE, b. 1622, St. Saens, Rouen, France.

Generation No. 2

2.i  PIERRE2 LA VALLEE (CHARLES1 VALEE) was born 1622 in St. Saens, Rouen, France.  He married MADELIENE DUMESNIL.

Child of PIERRE LA VALLEE and MADELIENE DUMESNIL is:  3.     i.   PIERRE3 LA VALLEE, b. 1645, Dist. of Rouens, France.

Generation No. 3

3.  PIERRE3 LA VALLEE (PIERRE2, CHARLES1 VALEE) was born 1645 in Dist. of Rouens, France.  He married MARIE THERESE LE BLANC January 12, 1664/65 in Quebec, Canada.

Child of PIERRE LA VALLEE and MARIE LE BLANC is:  4.     i.   CHARLES4 LA VALLEE, b. 1679, Beauport, Quebec, Canada; d. February 22, 1753, Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

Generation No. 4

CHARLES4 LA VALLEE (PIERRE3, PIERRE2, CHARLES1 VALEE) was born 1679 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada, and died February 22, 1753 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.  He married GENEVIEVE MARCOU September 12, 1707 in Beauport, Quebec, Canada.

Child of CHARLES LA VALLEE and GENEVIEVE MARCOU is:   i.   FRANCOIS5 VALLE, b. January 02, 1715/16, Beauport, Quebec, Canada; d. September 23, 1783, Ste. Genevieve; m. MARIANNE BILLERON, January 17, 1747/48, Kaskaskia.