Valles Mines, Missouri, U S A
Founded in 1749 by Francois Valle years before he became Commandante of the Fort of Sainte Genevieve and The King of Spain made him Don Francois Valle for saving their Fort San Carlos (now St. Louis).
270 years later as The Valle Mining Company, his 4000+ acre property every year absorbs 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide and puts out 14,000 tons of oxygen, enough to meet the needs of 63,000 people. [USDA Forest Facts]
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Lost History: What happened IS our mission

Entering a new rehab phase

Museum BEFORE Restoration Phase 1 Museum BEFORE Rehab Phase I Museum AFTER Restoration Phase 1 Museum AFTER Rehab Phase I

Phase II

Museum interior BEFORE Restoration Phase II Museum interior BEFORE Rehab Phase II
Museum interior AFTER Restoration Phase II Museum interior AFTER Rehab Phase II

Coming Fall 2019: Rehab Phase III - Restoring the Museum's Root Cellar. "Customs of Bygone Eras" video: "Canning".

If you look very closely at the photo above (right hand side of the front porch) you can see where the siding has been removed and old log cabin has been allowed to show through. Come visit, it looks a lot better up close (14115 Valles Mines School Road, Valles Mines, Missouri 63087).