Camp Outdoors but with an Indoor "Just-In-Case" backup shelter

Coming Soon? Camp in Town-Center Valles Mines with historic log-cabin shelters for bad weather.

Cayce-Parker Log House
' --------------------------------------------------

Coming Soon? 21st Century Tiny Home

Made from 18th century Missouri oak design outside but 21st century design inside

"Hide-Away in the Ozarks - Missouri"

  • Includes plumbing (toilet, sink),
  • a triangular corner shower,
  • a kitchen counter with burners and sink,
  • a ladder to the sleeping loft, and
  • a chimney up the center for the woodstove.

Designed for the Valle Mining Company by
L Taylor Cockerham, Architect, AIA 5252
106 Kamehameha Avenue 26
Hilo, HI 96720

Women in the Design World: Work In Progress