Our Restaurant Crisis

20,000 vehicles daily pass our Interchange daily. Where's the Donuts?

Sad to tell, the local eateries below in our "ARCHIVE OF Sadly FAILED BUSINESSES"] bubbled under but not for lack of clientele. If anyone out there is considering opening a Bar-B-Q restaurant or fry house, please call immediately!
You'd think with 20,000 vehicles a day passing our new Interchange in a morning rush north and evening rush south, the market is waiting to be served. [from MoDOT records,2021]
[See below: Archive of Sadly Failed Businesses]

The Latest Proposal - "The Donut Hut"

Donuts & Coffee - 3156 State Road V

On the Southeast Corner of the Interchange, research has begun for a drive-through coffee-and-donuts for morning commutes north.

Below: MoDOT has measured, approved the entrance location and issued a permit for the entrance.

See the red pin in the next picture below or visit it with Google Earth Online.

The green line matches the entrance/exit immediately across the road.

See it in Google Earth Online.

Part of the Proposed "67 Sunset Strip" Commercial Development

Road shown in yellow. The left side overlooks Hwy. 67.



A local BARBQ within 5 miles. People loved his place, drove from Illinois even though they are closed now. Across from Saint Francois State Park on Hwy 67 (South from us). More pricey than fast food but it was a real personal restaurant and an oasis for the parched and weary. They also made their own barbq sauce in mild medium and hot. "Make sure you order the fries if you can, chips don't compare. Bottomless sodas. How America used to be."

The Walleye Shack

Fried fish in the Area. People loved their walleye fried in peanut oil. Weekends, cars lined the shoulders of V-Road waiting for them to open. A local legend to this day even though they are closed now.

COMPARE TO: WILDLY SUCCESSFUL If you are truly called to find a great fry house, you might have to go as far as St. Louis to King Edwards Chicken and Fish, 8654 Watson Road 63119-5110 but it will be worth the drive.

[Editors Note I: While The Walleye Shack closed, we received a proposal for a Roadhouse on the Chat Pile some years ago before MoDOT built the $6,500,000 interchange [that's Million Dollars with an M]. The restaurant was to be located on The Chatpile [see map below, site shown in pink], right off the new highway off-ramp, in sight of the former Walleye Shack so successful years ago.

[Editor's Note II: Since then, past VMC president proposed an Equestrian Center opposite The Chat Pile location to share its parking and service the Horse Shows' patrons. See below. ]