Valles Mines, Missouri, U S A
Founded in 1749 by Francois Valle. 274 years later The Valle Mining Company's 4000+ acre property every year absorbs 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide and generates
14,000 tons of oxygen, enough to meet the needs of 63,000 people. [USDA Forest Facts]
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Crime - 63087

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Type Location Description
Stolen Property 14117 Vm. Sch Rd. RV Never Recovered, Still missing 2024
Stolen Property Recovered  Lake Mina on Valles Mines Rd. Scotty catches The Thief - Channel 2 News
Local Drug Scene 14161 Vm. Sch. Rd. The Last Miner's Cabin 10-31-2022
Arson 14169 Vm. Sch. Rd. Logger's Landing Burnt by Vandals 12-14-2020
Arson 14102 Vm. Sch. Rd. The Church House 1975
Arson 14122 Vm. Sch. Rd. The Valle-Rozier House 1974
Stolen Property 14160 Vm. Sch. Rd. The "Sound Check"
Stolen Property Recovered 14117 Vm. Sch. Rd. Honda "Big Red" stolen from the History Museum