Valles Mines, Missouri, U S A
Founded in 1749 by Francois Valle in the French Upper Louisiana before Lewis and Clark. 275 years later the Valle Mining Company's 4000+ acre property every year absorbs 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide and generates
14,000 tons of oxygen, enough to meet the needs of 63,000 people. [USDA Forest Facts]
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"I Won't Hire a Man Who Has All 10 Fingers!"

Bringing Back Our Railroad 2024

Wanna Drive a Steam Train?

Valles Mines Station 100 Years Ago

The former Valles Mines station
This trackage carried many owners over the centuries including the Mississippi River and Bonne Terre Railway, The St Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Rail Line thru Desoto and the Missouri-Illinois Railroad, known as the "Mike and Ike" during WW II, inspiring the candy.