Valles Mines, Missouri, U S A
Founded in 1749 by Francois Valle in the French Upper Louisiana before Lewis and Clark. 275 years later the Valle Mining Company's 4000+ acre property every year absorbs 21,000 tons of carbon dioxide and generates
14,000 tons of oxygen, enough to meet the needs of 63,000 people. [USDA Forest Facts]
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The Revolution has Come - Fluoroboric Acid

But Where Did It Go?

In 2010 Doe Run announced it could smelt ore safely, a major breakthrough. Then... nothing happened. Headline:The Herculaneum Smelter Reopens! NOT. This should have been a miracle. Instead, [crickets].

"... replacing traditional, high-temperature lead smelting with a proprietary hydrometallurgical process. The results are unparalleled: greater than 98 percent metal recovery with minimal environmental impact..."

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